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No more

2008-10-14 15:56:28 by Auron59

I won't be able to make music anymore and I really loved making music for this site...
If you have questions feel free to ask


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2008-10-14 17:52:47

Supportive, arent we?

Auron59 responds:

People don't know how to respect...


2008-10-22 11:09:27

WHAT!? REALLY!? that's really too bad you have such talent and I really liked your kuja's theme song (i really like the piano)
But i don't understand! Why can't you make more music? what happend?

Auron59 responds:

My PC broke... I'm broke, so I'm not using my own PC for now, when I get one probably i'll start over again, but University is getting thick and hard i might not have time at all... Darn it broke when I was just beggining to improve.


2008-11-22 17:49:22

Dude...I love your music AND you(MEANT IT!)I'm gonna miss your awesome groove...

Auron59 responds:

Thanks and I appreciate what you said...
Saying that you love my music AND me means a lot. ^_^


2008-12-30 01:04:56

sorry for not telling you i used your song. but i did credit you in the..well credits.
i used it twice in my first kiss vid and my dealing with loss vid. so if you want to see them they are on my profile.


2009-08-09 12:05:14

just wanted to say good job on the Sonic 3 & Knux- Glaciercap song you made
i had found it back in 2007 but lost the file, always listen to it on i pod
keep doing what your doing man ,and good luck