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Why? Please don't go! You'll come back right?

2008-01-16 14:32:00 by Auron59

My PC is freezing a lot, FL won't work on this PC anymore unless I fix it and my archived music has finally come to an end...
I'll try my best to fix this darn computer so I could have fun making music again...
Thanks to every listener out there for listening to my music and remember to shout out loud:
Auron59 still lives!

Why? Please don't go! You'll come back right?


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2008-01-16 15:25:03

Hope you get it working again!

Auron59 responds:

: )


2008-01-16 15:37:10

i can do a backflip, but my computer sucks so i cant do one :(


2008-01-29 15:08:15

your songs are good i hope that you do get your pc working aain

Auron59 responds:



2008-02-09 08:53:50

im sure ur pc will be fixed soon, keep up the good work

Auron59 responds:

It'll take a miracle...