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Worth wasting time

Dr. Mario - "That wasn't so bad..." lol
I loved that easter egg, creepy too


I've never seen flash animation like this, superb!!!


Waaaaayyy better than the first one!
I recommend it!


DBZ Style huh?
What's left? Naruto? That'd be Awesome!
Nice use of Chaos Control by the way!...
(For viewers)
I recommend you watch the first two first...

Cool movie!!!

I loved the movie, but didn't like the fate of Tails, since he's my favorite.


Keep at it man you're doing great!!!
It's everything I loved from the games in one cool mashed-up series of cool video game episodes...
What did I just say?

This is the crappiest movie i've seen so far!!!

Man I hated it....
Didn't you think before posting this dumb flash!!!

If your purpose was comedy...
then that was unnecesary cause it wasn't funny...

Nice Flash!!!

Haha, I loved the intro on the spirit... I mean koopa bros.
It's greatly animated with great battle scenes.
Hope I see more from you!

Great movie clip

I just can't see why people don't get that this is just a trailer...
They don't need to ask for spoilers.

Vixin-McCloud responds:

YAY! SOMEONE ACTUALLY GOT THE POINT OF THIS!! (I'm gonna be killed for this)

Man, this beats me...

Yur movies are so cool man. I was wondering If you could tell me if you could tell me which programs you use to make this kinds of movies.
I have the sprites recommended in your credits and i'm going to have to give them credits once I create a masterpiece like you.

If you know how to make Sonic remixes please E-mail me, cause I liked the Icecap remix in sonic's batlle ( which totally beats mines) ...

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Thanks for the 10s. I used Flash 6, but I'm switching to Flash 8 for the hell of it and I don't know how to make remixes, but I use LimeWire to find some. I found that song at the old Mystical Forest Zone before they went and removed it.

I'm only here for fun, I don't do challenges. I used to Remake game music. I go to church and love listening to music of all genres. I will always miss the trio of HS friends I had.

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