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2011-02-26 21:36:22 by Auron59

College -_\\

There's still hope

2009-09-25 12:15:32 by Auron59

I got my program back, I just need a pc and I'll be back to doing this

No more

2008-10-14 15:56:28 by Auron59

I won't be able to make music anymore and I really loved making music for this site...
If you have questions feel free to ask

Should I... or not?

2008-02-04 15:23:36 by Auron59

After you finish reading my last post...
Should I put my Audio betas too then?
I they won't be the same... but... Should I?

Should I... or not?

Why? Please don't go! You'll come back right?

2008-01-16 14:32:00 by Auron59

My PC is freezing a lot, FL won't work on this PC anymore unless I fix it and my archived music has finally come to an end...
I'll try my best to fix this darn computer so I could have fun making music again...
Thanks to every listener out there for listening to my music and remember to shout out loud:
Auron59 still lives!

Why? Please don't go! You'll come back right?